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Barbra Streisand, who directed and starred in that film, has incorporated many Yiddish words in her other films as well.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First day of Religious School. We will celebrate with a barbeque at pm for students and parents.If you think you MIGHT be interested in enrolling your children or grandchildren, contact our Administrator Batya Podos. And remember: Amazon's third-annual Prime Day is on Tuesday, July 11 and will feature more than 100,000 deals exclusively for Prime members, making it one of the biggest shopping days of the year.Shop at smile.and Amazon will donate to Beit Haverim.It offers play sessions for children, youth clubs and a wide range of activities for adults.Participate in Table Tennis, Yoga, Pilates, Line Dancing, Ladies that lunch, Salt Beef Bar social Thursdays and discussion groups.Beit Haverim is an open, inviting, and spiritually alive Jewish community, located just outside of Portland, Oregon in Lake Oswego.

Beit Haverim began in 1992 as South Metro Jewish Community located in West Linn, Oregon, and in 1998 SMJC evolved into a congregation.

Mickey Katz, who achieved nationwide fame, made a career out of writing and performing half-English, half-Yiddish parodies of popular American songs. in show biz—shtik Sabbath—Shabes small piece—shtikl set speech/pitch—shpil side curls worn by Hasidic men—payes steam bath—shvits synagogue—shul something worthless—bopkes TERMS RELATED TO FOOD appetizer—forshpayz bowlful—shisl chicken/turkey drum stik—polke chicken/turkey wing—fligl dairy products—milkhik dumplings—kreplakh kneydl—matzo ball (winning word in 2014 National Spelling Bee with different spelling) plural—kneydlakh meat products—fleyshik measuring ingredients by throwing in what feels right, like grandma or bobe—shit arayn nasheray—snack food potatoes—bulbes potato pancakes—latkes pudding—kugl spread applied to a bagel—a shmir tasty—batamt, geshmak unkosher—treyf EXPRESSIONS as long as you are healthy—abi gezunt ass backwards—moyshe kapoyer be quiet! beyond help—es vet gornisht helfn the boondocks—ek velt Could never happen—In a nekhtiker tog Don’t tempt the evil eye—keyn eynhore enough already!

His many comedy albums introduced Yiddish expressions to thousands of Jewish families. The single literary source that is credited for being most responsible for popularizing Yiddish for the baby boomer generation is Leo Rosten’s book, magazine, comedian Jackie Mason, and comedians/film makers Woody Allen and Mel Brooks. —genug shoyn go do whatever you like (and leave me alone)—gey gezunterheyt go talk to the wall!

Yiddish words have been used in American English for at least a century and received a major boost from an unlikely source: H. Mencken, the non-Jewish journalist and social critic, included dozens of Yiddish loan words in his influential study , a mass-circulation Yiddish daily newspaper.

TWO GREAT YIDDISH WRITERS have helped disseminate the language in America: Sholem Aleichem, the author of the stories that form the basis of the hit musical and movie .

Interested in getting more involved in your Jewish community? We invite Jews of all backgrounds who have the desire to meet new people and be a part of this wonderful growing community. Become a member of our private group page to keep on top of all our events throughout the year: https://

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