Java webcams not updating

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Java webcams not updating

I have an old bloggie duo use as a webcam to work on the use of the unwrapped 360 degree lens as a visual collision detector for my robotics experiments (

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If you are having a problem with an extension or theme, see Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems.However you should consult with your security team first before setting such exclusions.Also as recommended you should perform scheduled scans on all files and folders including those excluded files and folders. For Safari 5.x: For Safari 6.x: Step 2: Go to Java's website: follow up the steps. Step 3: Click the plugin icon on the address bar, then click the Allow and Remember button. Step 2: Go to Java's website: follow up the steps.For general information on plugins, see Use plugins to play audio, video, games and more.

If you find that disabling a plugin fixes your problem, continue following the steps in this -version With a bit of fiddling I can get it to run though , by - Open a cmd windows , navigate to C:\Program Files\Yawcam- Then run the contents of 'launcher.cfg'i.e.-cp .;lib/activation.jar;lib/commons-jxpath-1.1.jar;lib/commons-logging.jar;lib/commons-logging-api.jar;lib/dsj.jar;lib/jmf.jar;lib/mail.jar;lib/mx4j-impl.jar;lib/mx4j-jmx.jar;lib/mx4j-remote.jar;lib/mx4j-tools.jar;lib/sbbi-jmx-1.0.jar;lib/sbbi-upnplib-1.0.4.jar;lib/ftp4j.jar;lib/commons-codec-1.4prefer IPv4Stack=true -splash:img/yawcam. Main I cant quite figure what is wrong with the environment but running it manually invokes the program , running it via 'yawcam.exe' doesn't Just in has this helps any I am having the same problem. But when I closed yawcam and used from the shortcut, it once again did not start.Some users report that Yawcam won't start after they updated to Java 1.8.Yawcam should work with java 1.8, and do so for most users.Many problems with plugins can be solved by updating to the latest version of the plugin.

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