Is billy corgan dating anyone

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Is billy corgan dating anyone

“I’ve been too productive for too long, and despite what anybody wants to strip away from me, I am influential.” Pumpkins fans know that Corgan wrapped a 20th-anniversary tour towards the end of 2008, with only he and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin left from the original group after the band’s dissolution in 2000.

If that sort of conversation seems personal, it’s just the tip of the iceberg – Corgan had a lot to say about the past 10 years, including his father’s heroin addiction and where he stands on his critics.And as any casual Smashing Pumpkins fan knows, he’s a man of many opinions.From his views on Facebook to Donald Trump, he has no problem sharing his feelings, especially when it comes to other musical acts.Headlining that year’s Reading on a rain-lashed Sunday, he began an abrasive set with a seven-minute instrumental. Faced with contemptuous and apathetic crowds, Corgan has now given up the uneven fight.The result is an excellent new album, , with at least four clinically constructed anthems, as if to prove he could do it all along.“We need to make our existing characters have a greater depth to them,” she said.

“We want the stories to have a depth and a meaning to someone that is relevant today.

Dated: 1993-1994When they dated, Will Smith and Tyra Banks seemed like the dream power couple.

He was the huge crossover star and she was one of the biggest models of her generation.

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Billy Corgan is still big: all shaven-headed, 6ft 3in of him.

An unscripted series about the musician’s Resitance Pro was in development with AMC, but Corgan has since left the company.

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