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See Table: Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points to determine how much damage you must deal to destroy the weapon or shield.

He is especially close to his brother and follows along with his views in most situations.

(If you have the Improved Sunder feat, you don’t incur an attack of opportunity for making the attempt.) Opposed Rolls.

You and the defender make opposed attack rolls with your respective weapons.

He served as a minor antagonist in Arkham Origins, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight, and as the main antagonist of the GCPD Lockdown DLC of Arkham Knight.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot was born into one of Gotham's wealthiest families; a dynasty of generals, mayors, and industrialists.

We can't afford to lose our best agents in one fell, not tonight! While Coulson and May escorted Vin-Tak and Sif away from the Playground so the Kree could return to Hala, Mackenzie and others cleaned the mess that Skye's power display caused. Mackenzie, Johnson, and Campbell went to the front desk where they saw a monstrous man blast a hole into the chest of the security guard.

While they worked, Hunter told them that he was going to take Coulson's offer to be a permanent member of S. Together, Mackenzie and Morse ran to see what was happening when an earthquake occurred. Mackenzie joined Gonzales and Bobbi Morse as Coulson's Team attacked the HYDRA base and successfully rescued the hostages before Gonzales ordered the base to be destroyed. Mackenzie met with Phil Coulson in his office as Coulson was preparing for a mission to speak to the leader of the Inhumans. With the threat over, Mackenzie was convinced to rejoin S. Mackenzie accompanied Johnson to the hospital where Lincoln Campbell worked; they wanted Campbell to act as Gutierrez's transitioner.

Farkas is a lycanthropic Nord and a member of The Circle, the most formidable and experienced warriors in the Companions.

Like the rest of the Companions, he lives in Jorrvaskr in the Wind District of Whiterun.

Cobblepot began to accumulate his power within Gotham City's criminal underworld, and began to build up his own forces to carve up a piece of the black market for his own profits and purposes.

After he formed an alliance with Black Mask, the most powerful and sadistic crime lord in the entire city, who had put a million bounty on Batman himself, the Penguin sought to crumble his competition, particularly the Falcone Crime Family and aid in killing the Dark Knight in order to consolidate his own power over the city.

(Attacking held objects other than weapons or shields is covered below.) Attack of Opportunity.

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