Helium diffusion dating

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For the last decade my group has worked to develop techniques for establishing very low temperature cooling histories of rock masses.

However, several limitations exist for this method, related to the few data on the He diffusion [1] and on the alpha recoil effect in carbonate minerals.

Currently, it is the only-known common silicate mineral occurring in upper crustal rocks which probably retains cosmogenic noble gases under all climatic conditions.

For geochemical studies using noble gases as tracers for geofluids, garnet is a perfect container if temperatures never exceed 600°C; that is, all originally trapped noble gases are quantitatively retained.

The data were plotted on an Arrhenius diagram and the activation energy (E) and the ln(D.

Assuming that all crushed material had an initial spherical shape and applying appropriate diffusion equations, the He fraction lost by the coral in the last 125 ka would be only 1 % of the total amount.

In the past two newsletters we have looked at radioactive dating techniques and at reasons their results are not reliable.

In this issue we will look at the isochron technique and at new research on Helium diffusion that gives an exciting confirmation of the Biblical age of the Earth.

Other minerals we have investigated include zircon Because of its widespread occurrence and sensitivity to very low temperatures (about 25°C cooler than the apatite fission track method), the apatite (U-Th)/He dating method has now been applied in many different places and with many different objectives.

The most straightforward applications are in tectonics, in which the timing of fault motion can be deduced, e.g., in the White Mountains of California (above, at the Kern-Kaweah Divide) as part of a major program for understanding the paleogeomorphology of this range.

Data were not precise enough to calculate diffusion parameters using the Arrhenius diagram.

The second step-heating pyrolysis of the coral using 50°C-steps indicated that all He amount was 2.27 x 10-8 (±0.04% 1σ) cc STP/g, yielding an age of 83 ka, again lower compared to that obtained by U-Th disequilibrium.

Creationists now have done their own experimental research that calls this assumption into question.

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