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Gta sa dating barbara - bismarck consolidating german empire

Little Jacob is a Jamaican arms dealer from Dukes, and one of Niko's many associates.

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If you have not completed the mission 'Green Goo' at the Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard, then do not read this guide further as it will spoil something for you.

You have been warned so if you go ahead and spoil it, dont come crying to me. I went thru this and got all the horseshoes except the 50th one.

I recommend writing down the number of each horseshoe as you find it and work in the number order of this guide. If you lose, double it and play again, and again untill you finally win. Keep doing this until your limit increases, then go to the next higher table. I know for sure that I grabbed that horseshoe a few months ago while playing the game. it's puzzling me because i got every other one except that one.

Clicking on a number on the image will pop up with a screenshot of the location in order to help you find the exact location.

Please excuse the wait while the file loads, due to the quality of the image the size is in the region of 400kb which may take a minute or so on 56k.

Check your stats regularly to see if you have the right amount of horseshoes. Collecting horeshoes gives you more luck everytime you get one. I also know that i grabbed a few others around the city. If anyone is tired of having troubles with things like horseshoe's then visit has my saved game from after the first storyline mission with a long list of completed goodies including all horseshoe's, oyster's, tag's & much more (no CHEATER label in stats).

Getting all of them, will result in you having 1000 luck points and 0,000 in the bank.

Grand Theft Auto IV's protagonist, Niko Bellic, is an ex-soldier from Eastern Europe who moved to Liberty City to escape his past and pursue the "American Dream." Niko was persuaded to move by his cousin Roman, who claimed to be living there with beautiful women, sports cars and lots of money.

It soon becomes apparent, however, that Roman lied in order to cover up his own failures in life - the truth is he runs a failing taxi business, has mounting debts, and various criminals from Liberty City's underworld have put a price on his head.

Every other item was exactly where you said it was.

For those having trouble, remember that in some instances, there are other buildings that look exactly like the ones shown in the pictures, maybe you are looking in wrong place.

Niko also has other motivations for moving to Liberty City, which are revealed as the story unfolds.

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