Funny requests for sex chat

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Funny requests for sex chat - white girls dating hispanic men

A: "Controlling all the trash hauling in Second Life" Q: What does Mark Zuckerberg give his kids for snack time? Come to Myspace and Twitter my Yahoo Til' I Google all over your Facebook.

Please only one work per answer so the "best" ones can bubble to the top. ) headline: THE SKY IS FALLING (The Strong Exponential Hierarchy Collapses), a technical report by L. The following footnote is attached to the title: "Chicken Little thought that the sky was falling.

If you repeat the offence you will be blocked and probably/ most likely you will hear things you don't like (Hehe). See if we can outdo each other If babble's fucking up, I'm hanging out on chatzy. I have fallen head over heels for the beautiful serana 99. And when my lady is doing my prostate massage, I can explode.

What is the funniest TCS-related published work you know?

So there are the 4 challenges/dare ideas now you can choose to do one however i will say this if want to do more than one if want to do 2 or 3 or even all 4 ideas by all means go for it and we can discuss getting extra credits for sure if decide to do more than the one challenge.

So who wants to make this upcoming birthday boy real happy by fulfilling and presenting me with a present by taking up one or more of my challenges/dares? I call you to my class, you come in and ask what you here for.

A: Skynet refused to give John a Facebook friend request! A: Dick Cheney wants to take Mark Zuckerberg hunting! A: Because every few minutes you keep opening and closing it to see if there's anything good in it!

Q: What do you call having your grandma on speed dial? When I was kid, my social network was called "outside". Q: Why is a survey, proving Facebook users have lower grades than non-users pointless?

When both rolls are empty, everybody has a problem. I have never had time to write up the result, though. We apply this class to show that algorithms for NP-complete problems probably don't run in polynomial time. Because of its length and novelty this paper has not been subjected to the normal process of refereeing.

Today i was threatened by a group who called themselves "anonymous".

I'm going to create a Facebook Account with the name "Nobody" So when somebody posts something stupid I can say "Nobody Likes This! A: You have a profile picture, you sit around all day writing on walls, and you get poked by guys you don't really know! A: Because it's the only place where they can talk to a wall and not be considered an loser! A: Because Facebook users tell everyone how stupid they are with their status updates on a daily basis!

Q: Why shouldn't have Facebook paid Billion dollars for Whatsapp? Q: In addition to the social networking site Facebook where else can you find Mafia members?

Babble has broken more times than I can remember...