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Funny dating advice columns - Sextreme dating episodio 1

Continue reading Dear Anais, I’m writing to you because I’m a 30-year-old woman and I’m alone.I’m not in a relationship right now and haven’t been for a year and there’s nothing really on the horizon.

We've got you covered with everything from classic to contemporary titles.Start with: "An Interlude of Clarity" Dear Sugar Named after Cheryl Strayed's bestselling book, Dear Sugar brings her popular advice column to life.It's no surprise that many of the reader questions center around the deeper and darker questions about love. " Sex with Emily If you don't know Emily, prepare to know her." Whether you're heartbroken or happily in love, we explore what it means to love well in bite-sized episodes. Strangers Though not strictly about romantic love, many of Lea Thau's stories center around relationships.Her addicting Love Hurts episodes dig into her previous romantic relationships and why she finds herself single in her 40s. (Besides a really good '90s song, of course.) Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate.

In very different ways, these hosts dive into the depths of their own love lives, guests answer the questions you always want to ask (but never do), and no stone is left unturned.

Just to clarify, I actually wanted to return to my job—but I think that there’s a phase of the postpartum period where many new parents just believe they will always stay home with their babies (or live in the fantasy that they will), because parent-baby attachment is just that kind of intense love explosion. Once it was time to buckle down and actually figure out childcare, My (male) partner and I decided, for many many reasons, that he would leave his job to stay home with our baby son, while I returned to work full time.

While financially it’s not super-comfortable, we are privileged that this is an option for us, even if it’s temporary.

Nothing is taboo for Sugar and that's why we love her. " I Want It That Way Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast is a fresh and funny look into the less-frequented corners of sex, and it feels like eavesdropping on an interesting brunch conversation, in the best possible way. As a long-time sex columnist and radio personality, and a true pioneer of sex journalism, you can count on her to go there and tell you all about it.

Start with: "Lovers and Friend Zones" Love Is Like A Plant Sarah May Bates (Hello Giggles) teams up with me, Ellen Huerta, to answer the question "If love is like a plant, how do we keep it alive?

I know you’re ready to throw this correspondence out as a humble brag or not so gently remind me that there are people with real problems in this world, but hear me out: he will call himself feminist, but when he says or does things that are micro-aggressive or sexist, I can’t get him to own up to it–he’ll argue it’s my wrong interpretation of a scenario because, after all babe, he’s a feminist.