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In the example on the right a photo from 1908 shows a Cylindrical Slide Rule comprising two wheels with scales on the outside edge.

In the well there is “DRGM 164885” which is Nestler’s registered design for nickel-silver screws holding on the celluloid facings so the rule was presumably made for Thornton by Nestler. 10” celluloid faced mahogany slide rule dated 1931 in a green cloth covered, card box. Thornton PIC No 131 engineer’s slide rule, made of mahogany, faced with plastic. The scales are: LL2, LL3, AD, K//dynamo, volt (in well). Date code ‘C46’.closed frame slide rule made of plastic faced mahogany with a metal and glass cursor. It has a green cloth covered card case of the usual Thornton type for this period.. Thornton PIC No 101 ten inch celluloid faced mahogany slide rule with metal & glass cursor. The usual mahogany & celluloid construction but with an odd plastic cursor (possibly not original). It has the usual Thornton green cloth covered card case. Thornton PIC No 111/PC8 closed frame 10” mahogany & celluloid slide rule with metal & glass cursor. The tables on the reverse are the same as on the 101/PC8. F and RC are Thornton names for the K and C1 scales. It has a metal framed glass cursor with hinged magnifier and a green cloth covered card case and dates from the 1950s.

Thornton Speed Time Distance Slide Rule, date code ‘43’.

Marked with the broad arrow for the UK government and ‘Pattern 1448’. A pice of celluloid is missing from the back and the metal indicator is missing from the end of the slide. It dates from 1943 and other rules are known from this date with this cursor, possibly a wartime economy measure. Like the rule above it has a plain lacquered mahogany back, typical of the 5 inch wooden rules. Thornton PIC Electrical and Mechanical Engineer’s Rule.

The service they’ve developed – and which got funded as a winner on the CBC’s Dragons’ Den – is a land-rental marketplace called Rent This, and let buyers and sellers find a price, without throwing them into an open auction.

Jordan Farmar #20 of the Sacramento Kings reacts to an official's call during their preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers at T-Mobile Arena on October 13, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More recently I have added a First World War artillery slide rule and a Thomlinson’s Equivalent Paper Slide.

Alcohol slide rule by J Long, London, made of boxwood and probably dating from the early twentieth century. The rule is almost certainly from a box containing a Sikes hydrometer, which it would have been used in conjunction with (see Miscellaneous instruments pages).Cousins was selected 59th overall in the 2016 NBA Draft and appeared in just two of the Kings' preseason games and totaled just 12 minutes of playing time in those contests.Last Wednesday, the Kings released forward Lamar Patterson, but re-signed him two days later after he cleared waivers.The diameter looks to be about 4 feet which gives a scale length of 150 inches, or 15 times the length of a standard slide rule. The wheels and base appear to be made of cast iron. It is a “Proof” slide rule for the calculation of percentage proof and is one of two types of slide rule for use with the Sikes hydrometer.

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