Error creating updating the odbc dsn

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Error creating updating the odbc dsn - Xxx sauzi afreka

I finally resolved the issue due to a response from fr0mi on VBForums.fr0mi's answer on VBForums I am running Windows 7 64 Bit system and thus downloaded all the ODBC Connectors for the 64 Bit system.

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(0) Since disabling Enable N-CHAR Support is probably not an option, the recommended workaround is to add a new string, Column Size As Char, to the data source in the Windows registry, or in ODBC.

This prevents multiple users who are sharing a data source from changing each other's settings.

Starting with SAS 9.3, the Disable _0 override parsing option is set by default on the SAS ODBC Driver.

Step 5Select the authentication mode as per the requirement.

You should see your new data source displayed in the Results window.

Configuring the DSN (Windows) To create a DSN for a database hosted by File Maker Pro, use the 32-bit ODBC administrator.

Step 2Select the System DSN tab and click on the Add... This is a login page which checks the user's credentials to the database before it allows access to the main page.I created a debugger page to find out what's the error details and this is the error message: That's the error message I' m encountering on the web server when I'm loging in to the site.In this tip, we cover how to create a 32-bit DSN on 64-bit machine.For SQL authentication, specify the SQL login name and password.If you’re connecting to a single table, you may be able to simply pick its name from the list of tables.