Did alexis bledel dating milo ventimiglia

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Did alexis bledel dating milo ventimiglia - sex dating in arthur tennessee

“But there is something about Jared.” But if that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, we’re not done yet.

I almost feel like there would have [to be] a moment ... I'm excited for people to see what we did." So are we, Milo.

, Gilmore Girls casting director Mara Casey ~casually~ let it slip that your fave on-screen couple were once an actual thing. We obviously knew about the long-term romance between Alexis and Milo (who played Jess on the show), but Jared?! In fact, another GG Casting Director, Jami Rudofsky added that the chemistry between Alexis and Jared was so intense, they didn’t even have to do a character read through.

“We did have a joke about casting all of Alexis' [real-life] boyfriends. “There had already been two Deans cast before we found him,” she said.

They played siblings (okay, not traditional ones) on Dexter, but Michael C.

Hall and Jennifer Carpenter began dating shortly after they met, and then running off to elope. Hall reportedly had multiple affairs, and the couple split.

(Anthony declined to name any of the actresses Bledel beat out for the role.) And the magnificently strange hodgepodge of eccentrics that surrounded them—their high-society relatives, their nosy neighbors, and everyone else—only made their world more appealing.

But finding the perfect actors to play those beloved characters was a process—one that wasn’t always easy.

She was with her perfect dream boy Dean, and Jess was dating whatever skank came his way.

They end up falling in love and no one can stand either of them, so Dean leaves her and Jess takes his place. While all of this was happening, Milo and Alexis started dating.

premiered on the WB back in 2000, it was a much simpler time. You hit the "7" key on your flip phone precisely four times to text an "S." Online dating wasn't a thing. He was analog, he wasn't digital." Based on the collage below, this seems about right.

"Not old-fashioned like in [a] chivalrous, lay-a-coat-over-a-puddle kind of way, but old-school in that he never struck me as the guy who's dependent on a phone.

You probably also know that I love it when things tie in with other things and create a big complicated web of coincidences.

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