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Chung Tai Chan Monastery emphasizes a purity of one's mind and an awakening of one's true nature through Chan practice.Practice at Chung Tai is founded upon three principles: 1) scriptural studies establish correct views and insight, 2) deeds of beneficence involve performing good deeds and services to our communities and the public, and 3) meditation calms, clears, and awakens the mind.

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With growing numbers of people in Japan delaying marriage until later in life, or in some cases never marrying at all, some Buddhist temples are offering desperate singletons an alternative avenue for finding that special someone, organizing Buddhism-themed matchmaking gatherings to help people connect in a conducive, low-pressure environment.They get rebuilt, and their memories are (mostly) wiped. The robots may not be harmed, but the humans are immersed in a world where they can pursue their deepest desires without consequences.The robots are programmed not to kill or seriously injure the humans, and some people discover themselves to be far darker than they expected.Meditation — or familiarizing ourself with positivity — is at the heart of Buddhism.By practicing Buddhist meditation we are protected from the suffering caused by our so-called ‘delusions’ – unpeaceful, uncontrolled states of mind such as anger, attachment and ignorance that give rise to nothing but suffering.You don’t have to be a Buddhist to learn Buddhist meditation and find peace, positivity and joy in your life, whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

Meditation means familiarizing ourself with positive and happy ways of thinking and overcoming negative habits of mind that cause unhappiness.

But that awakening is only the first in a complicated journey of self-discovery, or perhaps non-self-discovery, on the part of the AI protagonists. The park’s human visitors behave like animals, mostly either raping the hosts or killing them.

(“Rape” may be too strong in some cases, but since the hosts have been programmed not to resist, they certainly can’t consent.) Only, it’s not rape or murder, because the hosts aren’t human. First, it becomes clear that the human visitors are depraved by their unwholesome conduct.

Working in the monks’ favor is the traditional perception in Japan that people who seek marriage advice from monks tend to be of better-than-average moral character.

No less of an incentive is the fact the temples tend to charge far less than the fees demanded by commercial matchmaking services.“I’m afraid of online matchmaking because a friend of mine fell victim to marriage fraud,” said one 37-year-old woman hoping to find a potential life partner.

“I feel the people coming to events at the temple are honest.” (shonin ryori (vegetarian food served to monks).

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