Designer file not updating

12-Nov-2019 13:58 by 7 Comments

Designer file not updating - Chat xxx con webcam gratis sin registrarse

If ever in doubt then add and then remove a control from the ASCX file to regenerate the designer.

I managed to get edit it regenerated, but it's through obscurity... [email protected], if I had a penny for every weird "feature" like this, I would be richer than Bill Gates.

If by any chance you have deleted your .and you wanted to regenerate it or you wanted to update the .file when you put new controls on your page.

In this post we will show you how to force the Visual Studio to regenerate your .file.

file my project that means no Ids were being saved in the Resource. I have tried all possible solutions to get it fixed, but I was unable to do it.

Please suggest me some solutions regarding the problem, Thank you!

if you move the referenced user control to a different namespace the problem goes away Sometimes there might be errors in html like two controls having the same Id. The declaration needs to be added in the code behind, NOT in the design.cs, because it would be deleted each time the is changed.

Sometimes when I'm editing page or control the .designer files stop being updated with the new controls I'm putting on the page.

I came across this question trying to find the temp directory, but clearing that didn't help. I was able to solve the problem only manually adding the control declaration inside the code behind file.

I then realized that I did not update This also seems to happen when you have a usercontrol that references another usercontrol in the same namespace. For all of these, check the warnings in Error List and fix them. Every time I tried to regenerate the file, VS 2013 would write the same lines without the missing control.

Before trying any solution just try to remove all the error from your aspx or ascx file, as any error on the file will prevent the Visual Studio to create a designer file for you, and it might happen that none of the solution will work for you.

Solution 1 : Right Click on you aspx or ascx file and select "Convert to Web Application".

I'm not sure what's causing this to happen, but I'm wondering if there's any way of forcing Visual Studio to regenerate the .designer file.

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