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will lay off as many as 1,100 people at its Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant when it cuts the plant's third shift in May.

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Related: Lansing GM plant's third shift gone after 9 months Related: GM supplier to close Delta Twp.By "significantly" here I do not necessarily mean "at some arbitrary p value", but rather more subjectively "enough to matter in terms of bias, precision, confidence interval coverage, etc".Thus almost be definition measure of model fit are going to be relative.I am aware of no procedure that does omnibus testing for all the models available within MARK, however. For a CJS model, a "saturate model" would include both cohort and time effects, and would essentially have as many parameters as there are potential capture histories (a lot! You can see the details of how this is computed by displaying the full MARK output file:653.95108 ; the difference between these is the deviance = 71.47397.This lack of general procedure is something I'll return to below. The deviance divided by its degrees of freedom is an estimate of c-hat, the variance inflation factor.The Feb 27 Stanford Daily reports that Stanford's Dean of Students has placed Delta Delta Delta on "alcohol suspension." The action follows an investigation of a shot-drinking "game" that included some football players, at which the alcohol was purchased / provided by "big sisters." For details, including the restrictions on, and actions required of, the chapter, see I can't believe that the Tri Delta Chapter Risk Manager planned this little party I am incensed, but not that surprised, that the football players involved have had no charges brought against them to date.

p...ticle&id=13310 According to the story, the dean considered suspending the sorority's charter. STANFORD DAILY - January 12, 2004 Seven plead no contest in Tri-Delt incident By Michael Miller & Shirin Sharif Desk Editor , Desk Editor Monday, January 12, 2004 Seven Stanford students pleaded no contest on Friday to a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors in a case that sparked a University investigation into the Delta Delta Delta sorority.GM chose the plant to make the new generation Traverse this year.The statement also confirmed that the new generation Buick Enclave will be made at the plant as well.Further, while the goal is usually going to be to find a general model that fits "well enough", we will later see that this model often (usually) is a jumping off point to considering other models (derived from this general model) to address specific questions, or to reduce model complexity in the interest of parsimony (address further under multi-model inference).perform goodness of fit testing for certain types of CMR models.I will illustrate each of a series of approaches by way of the Dipper example, an "ideal example" in that quite a number of approaches for GOF will work for the CJS model structure, but the example also can be used to illustrate some more "non standard" approaches. We can read c-hat from the output or calculate it from the model object asand then read this into MARK and run the Phi(g*t) p(g*t) model.

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