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The film has three painfully connected, flashback-heavy sections.The first, set in Neustadt towards the end of the 1950s, shows gauche 15-year-old Michael (David Kross) falling sick at the bottom of a block of flats and being taken up and tended to by Hanna (Kate Winslet), a brisk woman aged 36. Soon they start a passionate relationship in which, typically, he reads to her classic books — Homer’s Odyssey, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn — before they have sex.

The central relationship suggests 1970s Nazi-sploitation fare as rethought by prestige film-makers: regular bunk-ups and bare bottoms are interspersed with whole paragraphs from The Odyssey.

The final section of the film deals with the personal legacy of this history.

Michael (now played by Ralph Fiennes), is a respected but unhappy lawyer, a divorced man who rarely sees his daughter.

Daldry waited until after Kross turned 18 to shoot the film’s steamier scenes. I was really, really nervous to do those scenes,” Kross, now 19, admits.

“But Stephen and Kate were very supportive, and it was all very choreographed and technical.

Kross has since worked in both German and English speaking film roles, including War Horse, Race and Into the White. His career started with a small appearance in the 2002 film Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge (English: Help, I'm a Boy! a 15-year-old boy who moves with his mother from a rich neighborhood of Berlin (Zehlendorf) to the Neukoelln area, known at the time for its high number of Turkish immigrants and high crime level.

Kross not only won praise at Berlinale in 2006, but also won Best Actor in Nuremberg at the 11th Filmfestival Deutschland/Tuerkei.In 1950s Germany, bookish teenager Michael Berg (David Kross) comes to meet Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet), a womanly bus conductor.She's sexually confident, prepared both to listen to Michael wittering on in schoolboy Latin and initiate him in the ways of the flesh.Next: Starring in the true story “Same Same but Different,” about a young German tourist who falls in love, “this time with someone my age,” he jokes.Causes: Kross says he’s waiting to find a cause where it’s more than just writing a check. Born Kate Elizabeth Winslet on 5th October, 1975 in Reading, Berkshire, England, she is famous for Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility and Rose De Witt Bukater in Titanic.. Kate Winslet has been in 20 on-screen matchups, including Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland (2004), Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility (1995), Christopher Eccleston in Jude (1996), Daniel Craig in A Kid in King Arthur’s Court (1995) and David Kross in The Reader (2008).