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Upon creating a profile with your preferred online dating service, you’re asked to specify your residential location so that potential matches will be close by if you decide to take your relationship offline.

As someone suggested, SOLR will index your data for you to search independently of your database. You'd want something that has sophisticated search and aggregation support. In addition to its ability to perform fuzzy, proximity searches (which is something you'd likely want), you'd also want to integrate some machine learning pipeline to constantly improve your matching 'accuracy'.

In a world where “online dating” has lost much of the “stigma” attached in its infancy, I would’ve guessed that the majority of singles would be relatively relaxed when it came to search radiuses and what they write in their profiles and interview questions about how far they are willing to “look.” Oddly enough, this is not the case.

The debate about “how far is too far” and “are LRDs really worth it,” rages as intensely as ever.

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Whether you’re constantly on the go or looking for something close to home, making the slightest adjustment in your location settings may just be the key to finding the right connection.

Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially when it comes to exploring a new dating pool.

I’ve had the honor of meeting numerous Catholic Match members, both in person and through Catholic Match’s online community.

Over the years, one of the ‘phenomena” of the Catholic Match community that has always intrigued me (and I must admit, sometimes puzzled me), is the plethora of opinions on those three hot button words: “long distance relationships” (LDRs for short).

"Dear MM team We thought you'd like to hear of another MM success and marriage!

Rob & I were married on Saturday 31 May in Hovingham, North Yorkshire.

Keep in mind that you have to know what type of queries you're going to run before you can choose a No SQL solution or design your database.