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’ Never fear; these 10 responses will ensure you’re never lost for words If you’re single – which is likely if you’re reading this – then this question probably makes your blood boil.Whether asked by an old aunt or a smug married couple, it’s never welcome.

Ganja gurus need a place to go where they can revel in their websits and be surrounded by people who get them and their lifestyle.

He lays out a convincing case as to why so many people are in these cycles of heartbreak, and then he shows you how to get out of them.

Whether it’s a family dinner, work event or school reunion, if you’re single, then you should always be prepared to hear the dreaded question: ‘Why are you single?

Here, not only can you find your Mary Websitee or Mark James?

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I’ve read quite a few Christian books on finding a mate recently; the longer I’ve done marriage ministry, the more I feel that we have to spend more time talking to young people about how to choose a mate, so we can spend less time trying to repair marriages in crisis.

It’s found in Andy Stanley’s The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, which is unlike any other book on dating I’ve ever read: it’s addressed to young people whose pasts are not pristine. They’re desperately searching for love, often in the wrong places.We want the fairytale so badly that we convince ourselves this really is Prince Charming–over and over again, heartbreak after heartbreak.Instead, he approaches heartache like a doctor approaches a medical problem.This is the measured approach, giving a good, philosophical reason, without being too blunt.This (or a variation of it) should be your go-to answer when you don’t want to be funny, sharp or flirty.This answer might just give the asker something to think about.