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With an additional 230 accredited master of social work (MSW) programs, there are plenty of colleges and universities to consider for both undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work.

Homestead Exemption for Certain Eligible Veterans Veterans with 100% permanent and total service-connected disabilities may be exempt from certain property taxes.

State Veterans Homes The state of West Virginia runs a veterans home in Barboursville, and a nursing facility in Clarksburg..

They also have a career services representative that will help you find a job in that career once you get close to graduation!

They have small class sizes and a family atmosphere.

If you are interested in a career focused on helping people overcome life’s biggest challenges such as poverty, addiction, mental illness, and family crisis, attending a social work school may be your first step.

Many people know about common social work jobs such as child, family, and school social work or hospital social work, but there are many additional career paths available to those who choose to attend social work school.

Parent must have died in such wartime period, or, if subsequent to discharge, death must have been the result of disability incurred in such wartime service.

Veterans Re-Education Act Fund The West Virginia Legislature provides tuition assistance to those veterans who need a new vocation due to dislocation or unemployment.

They are open to veterans who have been residents of West Virginia for at least 30 days (or entered the service from West Virginia), have an honorable discharge, and who served at least 12 months of active duty service. Back to top Veterans Bonus The state of West Virginia has provided a bonus to all service members who served on active duty during war-time for conflicts dating back as far as World War I.

The current bonus is available for those serving on active duty during Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo, and includes a one-time payment of 0 with an additional 0 for those deployed to the combat zone.

This statewide honor, presented each week during the Fall Sports season on the popular West Virginia Metro News High School Game Night program, recognizes high school student athletes for outstanding achievement in athletics, the classroom and in communities across the Mountain State. — Learn simple steps to increase your online security Are you an easy target for online hackers or scammers?