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Dating srv stratocaster - Daiepr web cam chat

Stevie Let there be no doubt – the most significant factor to his tone is the man himself, his playing style and his passion.

Playing blues rock since the 60's, Alan Iglesias draws from a wealth of SRV musical history and knowledgeto faithfully reproduce the famed Texas "thundershuffle" and perform each show ever-mindful of the tremendous responsibility that he his very best to bring back as much of the original experience as he possibly can, every time he takes the stage.After having listened to and played his music for some decades we are amused with how most players focus on all the minor details and tend to overlook the big important factors.We will shed some new light on the case “How to achieve the SRV tone” – but not by listing all of Cezar Diaz’ amp mods.Although they have serial numbers, they are not serialized 1 through 100, as each guitar John Cruz makes—regardless of model—receives the next serial number in line.With the first numbered as JC044 and the last JC229."I gotta tell you.....guy does the best full-on 'SRV effect' I have seen and heard to date. (Yes - I've seen the genuine article live 6 times) His show is a credible, tour-quality act!

Highly recommended." -Barney Roach Southland Blues Magazine"Alan Iglesias and his band Crossfire have put together a forceful restoration of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Double Trouble.

-Dave Good San Diego Reader"He's got the wide-brimmed Gaucho hat. Most of all, Alan Iglesias has got the chops, and some mighty fierce ones at that." -Richard Montenegro Brown Imperial Valley Press"Stevie Ray Vaughan may be long gone, but his spirit and his music live on.

Alan Iglesias was motivated to form the tribute simply for the love of the music that Vaughan and Double Trouble created during their too-brief tenure.

Neither will we dive into pickup specs and things that are just distracting details.

We will kill some of the myths and make this more simple for you as a player so you can spend more of your time playing the guitar.

His unique signature tone and straightforward pentatonic Texas blues licks can be immediately recognized.