Dating rolex with serial numbers

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Dating rolex with serial numbers

Rolex reached 999,999 in mid-1950's and began over starting with 100,000. You can verify your manufacture date if there is confusion because during that time they stamped the inside of the case-back with a manufacture date (example, II 55, for the second quarter of 1955) Rolex Serial3 Beginning in early 2010, Rolex serial numbers began showing up as completely random serials consisting of letters and numbers. In Mid 2010 (~June) G serials also began showing up concurrently with Random serials There were no new serials seen released during 2009 .........Here is an example of a Random serial from a recently released Sub Date 16610 .2010 Rolex letter prefixed serial numbers can be even more confusing as Rolex has produced multiple letter prefixes concurrently during the same years..

Dies hat zur Folge, dass von nun an nur noch Rolex das Produktionsjahr der Uhren kennt.

Genuine Rolex watches have their serial numbers deeply engraved into the metal, whereas fakes often just have it “etched” with acid.

The serial number is located behind where the band connects to the body of the watch, on the six o’clock side.

Or values, serial numbers, cases, parts, mechanisms...?

There are a few web sites out there that are about Wrist Watches, some about Pocket Watches too, but I've struggled to come across many that have enough information in the one place to be of much use.

In 2005, however, Rolex began engraving the serial numbers onto the inner rim of the watch, called the “rehaut”, for stylistic reasons.

Beginning in 2010, Rolex stopped following any sequential numbering system or order altogether and now engraves its watches with a randomized, arbitrary unique identifying number.As you can see Rolex restarted counting in 1954 when they reached 1 Million. Nun aber, da diese Nummer wohl aufgebraucht sind, starten sie mit 4,7 Mio. But since all those numbersare used up they start now with a 4,7 Mil.1987 startete Rolex dann damit vor die 6-stellige Seriennummer noch ein Buchstabe zu setzten.Would you like to start collecting Antique Pocket Watches but are not sure what to buy?Or maybe you need some information about Pocket Watch makers?Rolex Oyster Case Listings 1926 – 2003 Rolex watches are dated by a serial number which corresponds to the actual manufacture date.

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