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And yes, just as with all singles get togethers, after the debate, there’s a meet, greet, mix, mingle and “match party.” The tour kicked off in January in Santa Barbara, CA and has experienced sold-out crowds in 48 cities in the US and Canada.Upcoming stops include new cities Dallas, Austin, Nashville, Miami, and Seattle; as well as encore shows in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, DC. What do you think are some reasons ‘Why is Everyone Still Single? _____ The uniqueness of Intersections Match comes from the life experiences of its Founder, Jasbina Ahluwalia.

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Let a San Diego Dating Coach give you the skills you need to happily date and find the love of your life.

Along the way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by forward-thinking innovations such as MP3 archives of your coaching sessions, video coaching options, interactive assignments between sessions and the built-in ability to contact your coach at any time whenever questions or situations arise.

If we were to hold a party for everyone we’ve ever coached, you’d be amazed and impressed by how smart, successful and interesting everyone in the room is.

Using a dating coach will help you so much you’ll be upset that you didn’t try it sooner!

Most importantly, it stops you from wasting more time with the wrong people.

Through my dating exercises, I am able to determine how to get to the real “truth” of what’s been currently going on with your current dating results.

Maybe you have: we figure out what’s been in your way and how to properly date with the purpose of creating healthy, meaningful and fulfilling relationships. I am very intuitive, compassionate, and interested in what will help you with the concerns you have.

WENDY WALSH, America’s Relationship Expert, Author, Media Personality _____ TICKETS: Click here [OTHER CITIES where Jasbina is a panelist - Forget Sex and the City, its love talk time with the The Great Love Debate.

The Great Love Debate is a lively, interactive Town Hall-style discussion and debate on the current state of the date that is comprised of an audience of 200 of each city’s most eligible bachelors facing off against 200 of its most dynamic single women to answer the question, “Why is everyone still single? Talk is raw.” And there’s “no need to hold back.” Apparently this is what happens when “The Great Love Debate” comes to town.

The names of several would likely be familiar to you already.

JASBINA'S GREAT LOVE DEBATE NATIONAL TOUR] _____ 200 of San Diego’s most dynamic SINGLE WOMEN. Seated on opposite sides; brought together for one special night to answer one simple question at the The Great Love Debate: Moderated by AMBER KELLEHER-ANDREWS, Matchmaker & CEO Kelleher International Panelists include: _____ JASBINA AHLUWALIA, Matchmaker, Dating Coach & Founder, Intersections Match BRIAN HOWIE, Award-winning Producer and Author How to Find Love in 60 Seconds MIKE HROSTOSKI, “The Men’s Coach,” Speaker, Author, and Creator of The Conference For Men CS KEYS, Emmy Award-Winning San Diego TV & Radio Host DEANNA LORRAINE, Dating Coach & Media Personality TRACI PORTERFIELD, Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, CEO/Founder Love by Design ED REDER, Founder, Singlies in Paradise & Active Singles Adventures DR.

I am a Carlsbad therapist who provides dating coaching.