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It seems like a long way from the Silk Road, in the New York Diamond district, nested between watch repair shops and diamond resellers is a small and happy oasis of Central Asian Jewish cooking, the Tam Tov Glatt Kosher restaurant.

Although the Reform Movement and smaller denominations do not require adherence to "Halacha" (Jewish religious law as derived from the Torah).

The Jewish Child Care Association, which has provided child care services in Queens for over 50 years, will close its flagship child care program according to Ronald Richter, the JCCA’s chief executive officer.

While a specific closure date has not yet been given the JCCA plans to terminate its contract with the city’s Administration for Child Services sometime in 2016.

Within the world's Jewish population, which is considered a single self-identifying ethnicity, there are distinct divisions, most of which are primarily the result of geographic branching from an originating Israelite population, and subsequent independent evolutions.

Jewish people divide themselves into Askhenazi Jews (descended from Eastern European Jews), African Jews (Ethiopian, Nigerian, Ugandan Jews, also not of the aforemention major ethnic backgrounds) Sephardic Jews from Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Indian, Bukharan, Persian, Iraqi, Yemenite Jew, and Mizrahi (Eastern or Middle Eastern Jews [not of Spanish/Portuguese or Sephardic origin]).

The time of day for the wedding is left up to the couple.

The five day work week has made Sundays the most popular day for a wedding.

Bukharan restaurants often feature singers and instrumentalists on weekends and serve as centers for the Central Asian Jewish communities abroad, and the Tam Tov is no exception.

Pete got to the Tam Tov first and started by ordering what he said was the best avocado salad in the city, served with excellent home-made , the round Uzbek bread we discovered a few years ago while in the Ukraine.

The bride and bridegroom should meet with the Rabbi shortly after they become engaged to select a date and be correctly advised.

The Hebrew calendar is lunar; holidays are celebrated on different dates each year, so this visit to the Rabbi is very important.

Since even before the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Bukharan Jews had been leaving Uzbekistan en masse and emigrating to Israel, New York, and Australia.