Dating after cancer diagnosis

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Dating after cancer diagnosis - my dating list

He plans on focusing on his treatment for now before greeting you with a recovered, healthy image, so please wish for his speedy convalescence.Kim Woo Bin, Im your fan and thank you for giving us a wonderful performance on your kdrama series Uncontrollably Fond.

Dating may be the furthest thing from the minds of people coping with a cancer diagnosis.The thought of dating after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment might make you nervous, exhilarated, cautious or curious. The physical and emotional changes you may have experienced can leave you wondering: Breast cancer therapies can affect your body and your feelings about it.Surgery, reconstruction, lymphedema, hair loss, skin changes, weight gain and infertility can alter your self-image and enthusiasm for dating.Here are some tips that may help you recapture positive feelings about your body: The thought of dating may reawaken or increase emotional responses you had at diagnosis or during treatment.If you have anxiety or depression, these responses can cause you to focus on or magnify negative thoughts about your prospects for dating now or in the future.I am a survivor of lung cancer stage3 for seven years tomorrow.

I had an upper right lobectomy surgery on 1/10/2010 @stage1. If you want to date but feel reluctant to start, it could also be due to low energy, fatigue, fear of rejection or not wanting to give up control.If you isolated yourself during treatment, you might have difficulty imagining yourself meeting new people and having fun.Like other social networking sites, the member profile allows you to display your photos, videos, interests and location.There are also several features that allow members to communicate with one another including private chat, email and public forums.I know that dealing with intimacy and body image issues are standalone struggles without the stress of cancer and the physical changes that sometimes come with treatment.

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