Dating 1970 ludwig drums

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Dating 1970 ludwig drums - internet dating dummies book

By the time the 1964 Ludwig catalogue came out, many of the drum’s features had been upgraded.We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally.

The Ludwig Drum Experts have an extensive section devoted to Ludwig Drums over on our Vintage Drum Guide web site.

As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site.

Since we can't list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Rogers Drums and that is the place to get your answers!

It featured six self-aligning lugs and triple flange hoops.

Originally the drum featured a ‘Large Pioneer’ throw, and was available in depths of 5.5 and 6.5”.

There is an extensive section devoted to Rogers Drums over on our Vintage Drum Guide web site.

There are sections on the history of Rogers Drums, Rogers drum badges and catalog pages on Rogers snare drums as well as Rogers drum sets.Finishes included mahogany, lacquer (two colour Duco) or pearl.According to the 1960 catalogue, these drums had no internal muffler / dampener.We are here to answer your Rogers drum history questions.If you are learning about your Rogers Drum Set or Rogers Snare Drum and want help then please ask The Drum Experts.Today it no longer has the budget tag – here in the UK the drum is becoming a very popular choice for use in the studio.

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