Cme phone time not updating

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However, you are preparing to be a CCIE and will need to know how to get dirty and do it as detailed below.

To be eligible for commendation, providers will need to demonstrate compliance with any seven criteria of their choice, from any category—plus one criterion from the Achieves Outcomes category—for a total of eight criteria.

If you missed it last month, you can find the resources for the Achieves Outcomes category on the ACCME website.

“They don’t need information, and if we convey information as the primary currency in our CPD [activities], we’re redundant.

They don’t need that.” What they do need, he said, are opportunities to engage with their peers to solve problems, look at challenging clinical cases and questions, and get feedback.

Cons Executives consistently send the message that the average age is too high.

They want young millennials thinking they will reinvent the wheel.

You should also pay attention as you may need to do this on the CCIE Voice Lab exam.

The background image choices that are displayed on a Cisco IP Phone come from the file that is copied from the TFTP server used by the IP Phone.

“Your temptation sometimes may be to say…The more credit I can give them, the more likely it is they’ll [participate],” said Accreditation Council for CME President and CEO Graham Mc Mahon, MD, MMSc, at a session at the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions 2017 Annual Meeting, held in January in San Francisco. Our system is about delivering high-quality learning to drive performance improvement and skill development for every single clinician that we touch, regardless of who they are or what team they work in.” And yet continuing professional development providers remained challenged by “mandates and obligatory education that drive clinicians to box-check and credit shop,” he said.

“Of course, that is a totally crazy way of thinking about our system,” he added. But if you buy into that and promote educational experiences as high-value credit opportunities, what you attract will be those who would rather sit passively and play on their phones, those who “wait for the credit to be anointed upon them,” as Mc Mahon said—not those who want to learn and improve.

These resources are part of a series ACCME is publishing to support implementation of the Menu of Criteria for Accreditation with Commendation, our mechanism for recognizing and celebrating organizations that excel as CME providers.