Clip dating prevention video violence

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Clip dating prevention video violence - johnny rzeznik dating

Real teens talk about what they think abuse is and why they may be at risk for abuse in romantic relationships.Experts explain how teens often don't tell anyone if they are victims of abuse because they are ashamed, or they don't want their parents stepping in to tell them what to do.

Students are involved in the subject matter through discussion and are encouraged to express their own opinion and thoughts.REP is Safe Harbor’s dating violence awareness and education program.REP is designed to enhance students’ awareness of dating abuse and healthy relationships through education and interaction.Fearing for her daughter's safety, she risks everything and decides to seek help at a local women's shelter.REP stands for the Relationship Education Project, formerly known as The Megan Project.Your challenge is to silently go around the room and place a red dot on the statements you think are false and a green dot on the statements you think are true. Explain in your own words that because the issue of violence is very present in many dating relationships, you want the group to be knowledgeable about the subject.

Once you have visited all statements, return to your seats."Once the group has returned to their seats, announce that ALL of the statements are TRUE. Today's session will involve seeing a short video and having a discussion about this very important topic.

A new initiative introduced by El Paso County officials aimed at reducing domestic violence. They seem like a normal newly wed couple on the outside, but when they are alone, the cycle of abuse is revealed.

After picking up her son from school, Maria pleads with him not to mimic the abusive behavior he sees at home.

The film depicts the fictional story of teenager Natalie Rivera, who becomes a victim of dating violence.

In the 16-minute movie geared toward teens, Natalie suffers the cycle of physical and emotional abuse by her boyfriend Alex.

This panel discussion will focus on providing students with tools to identify warning signs and positive ways help themselves and their peers seek and get help.

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