Chris booker and alycia lane still dating

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Chris booker and alycia lane still dating - Free adult chat no registration usa

The reporter said she insisted that it was a “real house with real kids.” So it’s cool when the African art gets broken. American news anchor Alycia Lane is the talk of the town, in a bad way, after being arrested for assaulting a female police officer this weekend.

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Lane is divorced and was single at the time, but is now dating radio show host Chris Booker.Lane, the evening news anchor on CBS affiliate KYW-TV in Philadelphia, was arrested on early Sunday morning in Manhattan after an altercation with a female police officer, according to the New York Times.Lane and her boyfriend Chris Booker, and another unidentified couple were reportedly travelling in a taxi through Manhattan and became upset over a slow vehicle blocking their way.Subscriptions are available for home delivery of the print edition and for a digital replica viewable on your mobile device or computer. A foxy Philly anchorwoman – who once e-mailed sexy swimsuit snaps to a married TV talking head – became an anger woman yesterday, calling a female cop a “dyke bitch” and slugging her in the face, law-enforcement sources said.Rich Eisen’s wife Suzy Shuster is keeping things in check.

They both live in Beverly Hills, and they’ve apparently filled their home with Suzy’s collection of African art.

The petite, twice-divorced Lane, 35, then also got out of the cab and began snapping photos, getting right up into the face of the male cop doing most of the grilling, the sources said.

One of the three cops, a woman, told the TV anchor to back away, saying, “You can take pictures, but you have to step back,” the sources said.

That’s when Lane went nuts, shouting, “I don’t care that you’re a cop – dyke bitch! Then she walloped the officer in the face, the sources said.

Lane – whose lawyer claimed she didn’t know the three were cops – was busted and taken to the 10th Precinct station house, where she was charged with assault.

Lane reportedly called the officer a “dyke,” verbally abused her and then punched the woman in the face.

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