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I finally got engagement ring on july 27th of 2009.....after practically saying i was tired of waiting..excuse we argue all the time, or i pressure him, or i need patients it was something..whole time i have lived alone with my son and he lives around the corner i even work in his and him unless his cosuin is here in the states...i wanted to live together for long time but never got that so finally he told me to find a house, well now i did and we are ready to move in it around two problem now is .past he didnt pay me no attention spent alot time alone.didnt like me alone always accusing the end when i got the ring i told him.u want me..something different...i have waited 4 years and i wont get online for chat.while he found he was chatting in an id i made especially for us, excpet he forgot , i knew thw sign up info and got in he was showing nude photo sho Wing ..looking and women writing i love u ..caliing them on the phone and all this.he gave me the rign and i got it all striaghtened out which i though .freind calls me to say...there is profile online with fake picture and all the weird things he does.made fake one to talk to extrmely mad and saying im accusing him, hes ignorning me again.not getting house...never good time to call...making me feel like shit....while i was trying be happy and again treat him right....sometime three or four weeks pass before he comes to stay all night..might be other online women involved but i live 1 minute from his job and work ..doesnt go no where so i never see nothing strange there no matter how much i check......i just want to know has anyone else experienced tings like this...

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this many women would not make these stories up.are real, they are desperate and will sacrifice you to get what they want..their REAL wife and family.

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Petite, 34 and working too much need some release for my dirtiest side.

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