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If I continued to have a successful online life, I’d still be doing the same stuff now.

Alex is a successful You Tuber, with over 900,000 subscribers, and over twelve million views.

“I mean that with no disrespect to people who do it, because I did it.

I think by necessity, if you want to do that you have to share bits about your own life.

“But when I found out what happened, the first thing I wanted to do was make sure everyone knew.

I like Harry Potter, various TV shows, books, snuggling, glitter, board games and unicorns.

I’d still have this kind of nagging feeling that it wasn’t really doing much for me or for other people really.” Day has made it clear from early on in his online career that he is a “minimalist”, and that he doesn’t hold much value in material goods. So I think in a way I used everything that had happened as an excuse. ” Alex Day suffered a particularly big backlash from users on popular platform, Tumblr, following the accusations, something one of our followers attributes to what he sees as the website’s desire to be too liberal.

Alex Richard George Day was born in Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering.He is mostly known for his frequent strong language, abrasive attitude, intense hatred of current-day video games and obsession with sexual themes and innuendo; the majority of his videos are therefore aimed at mature viewers in comparison to fellow flatmate You Tuber Charlie Mc Donnell's family-friendly, lighthearted ones.Although he has many fans who enjoy his crude humour and ranting abilities, some of his videos have faced negative reaction. Nerimon", written and performed by Kristina Horner (aka "italktosnakes"), who was his girlfriend at the time.Charlie Mc Donnell (better known as Charlieissocoollike) has provided You Tubers with detailed instructions on how to block Alex Day‘s pre-roll adverts from their videos.Alex Day (nerimon) was a popular UK-based You Tuber, Charlie’s former roommate, and the highest-profile person (to date?“You Tube is always described as a bubble, but it’s not,” says Fawn Mead, a video production assistant and ex-girlfriend of one of the accused.