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Though Canada is a young country not always known for its love of history, the residents here maintain their old buildings with care. But she was crying because the mould was so bad she couldn't breathe, and had to throw out all her fur coats.

With charming fishing villages, scenic hiking trails and fabulous seafood, the Maritime Provinces are the ideal setting for a relaxing self-drive holiday.

Calvert Island is a little pocket of tranquility in British Columbia that is relatively off the beaten path.

Visitors can enjoy boating, whale watching, angling, scuba diving, hiking, and so much more. I have a Biology degree from the University of Waterloo. My best friend is a fluffy pup that thinks it’s human.

Manitoulin Island is a stress-free paradise filled with beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

Visitors will enjoy scenic hiking trails, water activities and exciting community events within the town.

With Old Home Week just around the corner, the City of Charlottetown extends an invitation to the public to take a stroll back in time and explore how citizens of yesteryear passed the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Trevor Davis and Christine Healey have travelled the world for the past 18 months.

I grew up in the capital, Ottawa, where each winter the Rideau Canal freezes over to form the world's longest skating rink.

In sweltering summers, we'd head to my best friend's cottage on Lake Ontario and dive off the wooden jetty into the deep, cold water, or camp in the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park, where we'd hoist our food up into the trees to fool the bears.

Trying to find a lexicon plain enough to be widely understood, yet particular and detailed enough to make subtle, careful distinctions between things.

Recently I received a phone call from a distraught grandfather desperate to help his daughter, who was trying to navigate the health care system seeking pain relief for her teenage daughter, who is suffering with as yet un-diagnosed severe chronic pain.

All of it can be found in hawker centers and shop houses throughout George Town.