Bradley james and katie mcgrath dating

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Bradley james and katie mcgrath dating

The remarkable actor then performed for several plays including Esteban in Pedro Almodóvar's All About My Mother which enabled him to earn the nomination for 2007 London Newcomer of the Year in the Theatregoers' Choice Awards.

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BJ: I knew quite a bit about them before hand, but I learned even more afterward, just through taking an interest in the subject.Just because Colin has decided to keep his private life private doesn’t mean he has anything to hide.Perhaps he simply wants to be able to have a normal life outside of the public eye. Regardless of the higher than average percentage of non-straight people in his profession, there is still a stigma against being open about it.I saw myself reading things I would’ve never come across otherwise and learning so much about the darkness within the stories.They go a lot deeper than we could ever dare to go on our time slot on the BBC.I’ll be the first one to stand up and cheer him on for his courage.

Four years on and we're still wondering what happens to that trilogy of spin-off movies that was announced.Colin Morgan has been an entertaining audience for a decade with his varieties of roles and jaw-dropping performance.He not only earned recognition and fame from the notable works but also huge revenue.on September 20, 2008 set us off on a magical five-year journey - one with mythical monsters, wicked warlocks and excessive amounts of bromantic banter.Millions tuned in each Saturday night for the show's blend of fun, fantasy and friendship - because Merlin and Arthur (Bradley James) were definitely Parker's Agravaine aggravated Merlin as a regular villain in series four - a spy for Morgana, he finally met a sticky end at our hero's hand.Colin Morgan (Merlin) We all know the name Merlin, as in the wizard, but in this case we meet him as a young man sans long white beard.

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