Bobby brown dating history

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Rumors are that Bobby may have been killed because his girlfriend, Melody, had connections to the mob.Bobby's drummer, Dalton Powell, had been confronted by three violent guys looking for Bobby before the murder.

Next to him in the sealed yet unlocked vehicle was a one-third full gas container; Bobby himself was drenched in gasoline.

Starting a solo career, he enjoyed success with his second album in 1988, Don't Be Cruel, which spawned a number of hit singles including the self-penned "My Prerogative", and the Grammy Award-winning "Every Little Step" which became his signature song.

Brown had a string of top ten hits on various Billboard charts between 19.

Brown is noted as a pioneer of new jack swing, a fusion of R&B.

He returned to the group for a reunion album and tour from 1996 to 1997, and has returned with all six members for another stint since 2005.

is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and actor.

Brown started his career in the R&B and pop group New Edition, from its inception in 1978 until his exit from the group in 1985.The corner's office showed an excessive level of incompetence in declaring fuller dead of "asphyxia due to inhalation of gasoline," deeming the death neither accident or suicide with no evidence of foul play.Worse yet, evidence was destroyed or tossed in the investigation and the vehicle was never dusted for prints.Houston felt sorry for Nick and decided to raise him.Bobbi and Gordon quickly developed a bond, with Gordon looking after her while Houston and Brown continued their careers.Singer Bobby Brown may have been married to Whitney Houston, but he was also linked to other famous women, including Janet Jackson and Madonna.