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MANILA - The Philippines spent more than P100 million on a multi-agency effort to assert the country’s claim over Benham Rise. Mahar Lagmay, a professor at the University of the Philippines-National Institute of Geological Sciences, and a scientist who was part of the team that argued for the country’s claims before a United Nations commission.

“The Philippine team was able to demonstrate that there’s a connection of Philippine land territory under sea or seabed, there’s a connection between the Luzon island and the Benham Rise and from there, we used the Benham Rise to extend our claim beyond 200 nautical miles,” Lagmay said.You have an inherent urge to create and build stuff that is why you are impeccable when it comes to managing money, men and tasks.You are quite attracted by the luxuries that come with money and are ready to work for them.“The land is connected to the mass at the ocean floor which is Benham Rise.The connection is through Palanan saddle and Bicol saddle.The undersea plateau recently made headlines after Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang confirmed that Chinese vessels recently passed through Benham Rise for "marine research," but insisted this was only in exercise of the principle of "freedom of navigation" and "right to innocent passage." Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Chinese ships had no business in those waters and that their prolonged stay was not merely an “innocent passage." Lagmay stressed the importance of Manila's claim over Benham Rise since it was an argument won using only pen and paper.

“Every word that I had to say was prepared by the team and it was very important that I have to say it in a very clear voice, very accurately worded per word because that commission meeting was a very important meeting because it was a claim that we won without using guns and bullets,” he said.“We invested hundreds of millions in that effort to claim the Benham Rise,” Lagmay told ANC’s “Early Edition.” Members of the team who worked on the country’s claims over Benham Rise came from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Justice, National Security Council, National Institute of Geological Sciences, UP College of Law, and the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, Lagmay said.The country's claim to Benham Rise, a 13-million-hectare area located east of Luzon island believed to be gas-rich, was approved by the United Nations in 2012.You also like your life to be stable and not perturbed with sudden changes.You have an air of reliability and sensibility about that makes you quite valuable.Featuring a complete list of amenities, guests will find their stay at the property a comfortable one.

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