Berlin dating scene

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Berlin dating scene

"One female officer was seen dancing on a table dressed only in a bathrobe with a weapon in her hand," said B. daily, which published photos of the cops posing with their drinks as well as the dining site in disarray after the party.At least one officer was also involved in a punch-up with a colleague from the western city of Wuppertal, public broadcaster RBB reported.

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Meanwhile neighbours had complained about "party noise" from the camp, while property damage was also reported.

"It would be terrible for all Germans who are very active, day by day, in helping asylum seekers and refugees.

"It would be repugnant for those who are helping people who came to this country asking for our help." Ms Merkel said she was "shocked and very saddened" by what had happened.

Put on the map by the so-called "New Leipzig School" -- which includes the post-reunification works of Neo Rauch, Christoph Ruckhaberle, Matthias Weischer and others -- the complex now comprises artist studios, workshops and galleries.

But the number of Hollywood productions shot here -- "The Reader," "Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Book Thief," among others -- testify to its status as perhaps the most picturesque prewar German town, even if it doesn't make many guidebooks.) -- once an icon in the style of London's Selfridges or New York's Bloomingdales -- and more recently the setting for Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel" -- will drop what they're doing to give guided tours.

Berlin police confirmed on Twitter on Tuesday morning that the police units they had sent to Hamburg to support the city during next month’s G20 summit had been sent home.

The police officers in question are now set to be interrogated over their behaviour, with Berlin authorities promising consequences.

According to a live translation of her remarks at a press conference, Ms Merkel said: "We don't know anything for certain, but we must assume it was a terrorist attack.

"It would be very difficult for us to learn that a human being who came to Germany to ask for refuge and asylum committed this deed.

The police force of Germany's party capital Berlin is no stranger to controversy.

In January, an officer raised eyebrows after it was revealed that he had acted in a porn film before joining the force.

"Twelve people who were among us yesterday, who were looking forward to Christmas and who had plans for the festive season, are no longer among us," she said.