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I've been watching along with everyone else as the tension has built in Ottawa, and it has all made me feel rather squeamish, to be honest.Somewhere between the appalling behaviour of those implicated in the sponsorship scandal and the circus show that has been Parliament for the past few months, this is not exactly a proud moment to be Canadian.

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Canadians do not vote for the Prime Minister directly, however; instead, they vote for the Member of Parliament in their riding only.

A lot of words have been written about the current political situation, and a lot has been said (those two don't always go hand-in-hand).

So I'll keep this brief (for me ...) and do my best not to simply re-hash old news and old views.

Any citizen at least 18 years old may vote in any election, with two exceptions: the Chief and Deputy Chief Electoral Officers.

A side effect of this system is a close similarity to the political systems of Britain, Ireland, Australia and India.

Adventures, in the last 16 years, have taken Bittergirl to productions in New York and London, to film options, book tours, the Today show.

They devised the show in Thursday morning meetups in a Toronto café.

The federal government consists of the House of Commons, the Senate, the Governor General, the Supreme Court and other lesser courts, and the usual assortment of bureaucrats, soldiers, and the like.

The Prime Minister is the head of the Canadian government for all intents and purposes; you must be chosen as your partys leader on top of being an elected representative, in a manner strikingly similar to the Speaker of the House in American politics.

The characters, A, B, and C, were based on themselves.

“”I was single and dating; I’d just come out of series of failed relationships,” says Fitzsimmons cheerfully.

Lawrence was “a broken-down single mom” — with a car.

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