Battlefield 2 score not updating

11-Oct-2019 15:19 by 5 Comments

Battlefield 2 score not updating

Right on schedule, DICE today launched Battlefield 1's massive Fall Update, which makes a long list of changes and improvements to the popular World War I shooter.

Update:6/29/07 I found another cool player stats site called BF2that is definitely worth checking out and also offers a large number of custom signatures that you can use.I just got another achievement which added to my total gamerscore however the prior ones are still absent Xbox Live Status Additional notes: We are aware that some members may be having problems finding previously-purchased content or purchasing new content.We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and we will be sure to provide you with frequent updates."/ There have been 1,589 posts in the last 24 hours.You and TA profiles match (Replied to your PM but replying here anyway)Edit: Talking to someone in chat it seems that the total Gamerscore on xbox,com isnt always updating whilst your achievement unlocks are, hence TA calculating your stats correctly but the score on your homepage being 'incorrect'Ok, so mine has updated now, after getting 2 more achievements with no update, I got a third, then signed out and back in again, then when I checked it was the same as my dashboard. The achievement unlocks are fine, its your total GS that's not updating which is what we aren't seeing a change in either. Craiglionheart did suggest signing out and in again which I would assume would force a sync with Yes I have time stamps for the two that did not add.Everything appears fine when you look at individual games but those two achievements did not add.This includes a guide to piloting helicopters, to specific tactics on all the maps. Check it out now at Widget Bucks – Trend Watch – Widget Best stats website I have found BF2This site goes way beyond any others in regards to stats.

It has a super clean design using some fancy css layout that allows for individual column sorting within tables.

This is probably the best and most comprehensive one out there now.

It has all the standard stuff like rank and badge requirements but has much more to offer.

The dead player will see this, which should help reduce the number of people skipping revives.

Sever admins also received some much needed love in the Spring Update.

Another significant change is for Battlefield 1's Conquest mode, specifically the Suez map.