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When it comes to 'true love', age is just a number.

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The video features Saira trying to make Dilip Kumar talk and asks how the biscuit tastes.

And, yes some of these celebrities are even younger than their wives. 70-year-old actor Kabir Bedi tied the knot with his long-time partner Parveen Dusanj on January 15, 2016. Saif and Kareena’s love story led to a lot of tabloid fodder. One of the most adorable and loved couples in Bollywood, Riteish-Genelia met on the sets of their debut film ‘Tujhe Meri Kasam’.

Not many people know that Genelia and Riteish have a good 9 years age gap between them. After being in a live-in relationship for two years, Kunal and Soha got married on Januray 25, 2015.

It never occurred to me that that “one person” needed to be me. I wouldn’t go camping, to concerts, or even to the Sunday market unless I had someone with me who was “the one.” I missed out on so much while I waited for the love blanket to protect me so I could feel safe enough to discover myself. After we broke up, he went off to date the woman we had the biggest fights over. But it also showed me that I did the right thing by leaving him.

At that point, I realized he was more wounded than I was.

He, meanwhile, chews on the biscuit with his eyes closed.

The emotional video featuring Bollywood's 'king of tragedy', ends with Saira planting a kiss on her husband's cheek. A refreshing cup of tea is always welcome." Check out the video Just a day earlier, the thespian was felicitated with a Living Legend Lifetime Award from the Punjab Association at his residence here. On his health, a post reads that he is "better" except for "slight discomfort" due to back pain. Humbled at receiving the Living Legend Lifetime Award from Punjab Association this afternoon", tweeted Dilip Kumar.

I wanted someone to mirror back to me the good he saw in me—my beauty, intelligence, and worth. Meanwhile, we lonely love addicts make do with heart-shaped chocolates purchased on sale one day too late. Instead of drowning in regret, I faced the truth and noted the signs of my love addiction.

I wanted someone to accept and appreciate my quirks, even when I didn’t. I wanted to be okay in the eyes of one person, at least. I had no guarantee that I would not hurt again, but if there was one person guaranteed to love me, then I could endure other disappointments that life would throw at me. Maybe these symptoms will seem familiar to you: I am thirty-nine years old. When my last addictive relationship ended, for the first time I experienced what a heartache is.

Maybe my crushes helped me avoid feeling the void, the loneliness, and the sense that I was not of this world, an outcast.

I hated school because my grade school teacher didn’t like me.

She utilised this time to find her feet and did close to 20 one-month-long projects.

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