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Make sure to watch the video of the assistants revealing details about their bosses!

"I went on Tinder this year, and I write a lot about that [in the book]," he says."It's amusing and fascinating and scientific and weird, and I love a good dating story, and I have plenty in the book." But Andy says he's very patient when it comes to finding Mr. He tells ET, "I need a man, I need some love, but until I find the right guy, I'm having a pretty great time." Andy's famous for playing games with guests such as "Plead The Fifth," on his hit Bravo series, but here's what happens when Grace played the games on him! Andy left no stone unturned and some of his answers may surprise you. Diva Catwalk, The Pretty Dress Company and Asos have all got great options! Since then, the franchise has had its fair share of tragic story lines, from lawsuits, divorces, custody battles and suicide, that have continued long after the cameras stopped rolling. Everybody couldn’t really see her as a PA, although she tried and tried to be one.

INF snapped photos of actor Daniel Craig frolicking with gay Bravo TV exec (and reunion-special-hoster) Andy Cohen in St. Presidency aside, Donald Trump seems born to be a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband.He already has a natural panache, a lengthy career in reality television and, allegedly, a history of being horrible to Lisa Rinna.When Andy Cohen asks, “I heard a rumor that you once dated Donald Trump. ” Richards replies, ”Yes, let’s not get into it.” She goes on to reluctantly admit, “I had dinner with him,” but when asked by her co-stars if she had ever seen the leader of the free world naked, Richards demurs.“I don’t want to talk about the president,” she says.Do you understand Craig and Fiennes' point of view or should they embrace the iconic roles they're given?