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Identifying and posing challenging questions for others, who are expected to find the answers, is therefore recognized as a key characteristic of leadership -- if only for the questionable purpose of keeping followers off-balance. For example, John S Mc Callum (, May/June 2001) identifies ten questions that business leaders should ask themselves in order to respond to issues vital to their success in periods of uncertainty. Intimidating questions shut off creative thinking". These extremes point to the value of distinguishing the "variety of questioning styles" or "modes of questioning" that may enhance or inhibit learning, for example: Question reluctance is a discomfort, fear and/or avoidance of asking and answering questions.

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In the light of this recognition, in the case of business leadership, the exploration here endeavours to identify the challenges for social change leadership that may be especially associated with the classical WH-questions.

Leadership courses for executives typically focus on such challenging questions rather than on formulaic answers.

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Upon moving to Woodbury, I immediately became active in the community through service on the Parks and Natural Resource Commission and, more recently, the 2040 Comprehensive Task Force.

I have extensive policy development and planning experience through my time working at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and understand the inner operations of the city and how policy is created.

Questions are valued in sectors dependent on adaptation in response to changing conditions. It is shock learning that has established new programmes, new institutions, and the need for new kinds of information services crossing previous categories (e.g. With respect to both collective and individual learning, the challenge of how questions get framed or avoided is notably highlighted by the phenomenon of group think -- as exemplified by the handling of evidence in relation to weapons of mass destruction and terrorism (cf 2005) makes the vital distinction in relation to learning: "Challenging questions open people up to creative thinking.....

Leaders are expected to challenge the : moving others out of their "comfort zones"; creating a compelling vision; establishing stretch goals; asking challenging questions [more]. Challenging questions inspire people to action -- to bridge the gulf between possibility and reality.

For the most part, Woodbury has done a phenomenal job planning for this growth.

However, it's important that we approach this development with the foresight of what the needs of our children and grandchildren will be.

Council member Paul Rebholz did not seek a fourth term, leaving Scoggins as the only running incumbent.

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